your weekly juggalo update

Posted in juggalo beat, video, wtf by eddie on February 16, 2009

You’ll have to forgive me for my fascination with the seedy, painted underbelly of pop culture, the Juggalos; it could have to do with the fact I just finished a 2-liter of Faygo Moon Mist.

The Internet so indiscriminately and generously giveth: There are subcultures that probably would have trouble surviving without the Internet, or at least would have little growth or assembly potential.  Many of these groups are benevolent and righteous or at least innocuous. But Lord Internet knows no concept of “taketh.”

And then there were Juggalos.

Thankfully, the Internet also provides the opportunity for Juggalo conspiracy theorists to polish their craft.  Take this scathing example:

Come to think of it, I can’t really tell if the director is trying to criticize the Juggalos or stake a proud claim.  Whatever the case, the ensuing discourse roundly rejects any such riffraff:




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