birds of a feather

Posted in music, video by eddie on February 23, 2009

The Cardinals blew the Super Bowl, and it’s become increasingly shaky to borrow Joaquin as our newspaper’s spokeperson.  If a change must be made, I’m in full support of sleek French popsters Phoenix taking over the post as our celeb mascots. Their 2006 LP, It’s Never Been Like That, crept up on me and didn’t leave my rotation for months; they’re often aptly likened to a more hi-fi Strokes sound with a subtle hint of synth. And if you’re hyperventilating about the potential language barrier, you’re in luck!–fluent speakers.  Globalization, youz r best fwend.

Today the dudes’ site features a glitzy Flash intro and a free download of their new single, “1901,” from their forthcoming Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. It’s slick, it’s fun, it’s Phoenix.

Phoenix – “1901”

And here’ s some tubeage of my favorite song of theirs, “Long Distance Call”:


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