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Leisure pursuits.

As my insightful roommate put it: Has there been a news story involving Liam or Noel Gallagher in the past 10 years that hasn’t been absolutely ridiculous?

Taking a break from slandering reputed acts in British rags, brother Liam was summoned to Twitter-deny reports that he can be seen in a Google Earth image relaxing outside his favorite restaurant in London, his pasty legs crossed, pointing furiously at the Google camera car. Perhaps most jarring is that CNN finds this front page news. Check out their QUICK HITS for this momentous Tweet–I picture a medieval waif of a messenger boy breathless from sprinting to the king to report these key facts:

  • Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher denies Google Earth appearance
  • Fans said man captured on camera drinking outside London pub was singer
  • Gallagher said the man was too embarrassingly dressed to be him


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With an undergrad population of 6,000+, it’s tough work keeping track of the goings-on of your fellow Loyolans (go Ramblers!!!!!) I mean, you’ve got the ‘book, but that can only take you so far. Luckily for you, we directly engage your classmates so that you don’t have to. And believe you us, they’ve got a lot to say. Introducing: Student Body Slam! Every week, we’ll interview undergrads whose lives are more interesting than yours. (Unless they’re not. In which case contact us at

Today, we chat it up with Tina Dragisic,and Brandon Wisinski, 21, two science kids who spend the vast majority of their week in the corner of a Life Science Center lab carving up rat brains with what looks like a deli meat slicer. Right.

As you read this, imagine a sort of dull, humming “chick-chick-chick” sound in the background. That’s the sound of the metal slicer slicing off bits of tiny rat brain, which fly up in the air like pink coconut shavings.

BW and TD pose with their cryostat.
Phoenix Diversions: What are you doing right now, Brandon?

BW: I am cross-sectioning rats brains.


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New Found Glory – “Listen to Your Friends”



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Left to right: Matthew Flegel, Patrick Flegel, Chris Reimer, Michael Wallace

Women, left to right: Matthew Flegel, Patrick Flegel, Chris Reimer, Michael Wallace

Calgary’s hardest band to google, Women, played at the Bottom Lounge with Chicago acts Volcano!, Thin Hymns and Bengal Lancer last night. The four dudes from Canada squeezed onto a little couch in the freezing back room to say a few words about gear-hunting, inexplicable small-town European crowds and would you please stop calling them lo-fi.

Phoenix: So, you guys just got back from Europe, right? How long were you there for?
Christopher Reimer [Guitarist]: Yeah. We were there for three weeks.

P: Did you get much time to do anything besides travel and play shows?
CR: Yeah, we actually did a lot. We had a couple of spots where the drives were really short, so we ended up in the city the night before. We rode around Berlin and went to museums. We were on this island in Spain, where we rented bikes and just rode around this island for four or five hours.
Patrick Flegel [Guitarist, vocalist]: It was the best day of my life.
CR: Yeah it was probably the best day of all of our lives.

P: Did you draw a big crowd overseas?
PF: Somehow — Yeah, it was really weird, being in a not-very-big city in Spain and —
CR: And having like a hundred people show up.

P: I’ve noticed sort of a big lo-fi movement across the Atlantic, and I could see you guys as being kind of part of that — your record was recorded in Chad VanGaalen’s basement on, like, boom-boxes. What draws you to that sound?
PF: We wanted it to sound like recordings that we really like from the ’70s. But we definitely, definitely don’t feel a part of the lo-fi thing. It’s not like we’re trying to do that at all. A lot of people say we’re similar to acts such as Times New Viking and Wavves, stuff like that, but I don’t really feel like that’s what we’re doing. We’re really just trying to make our music sound old.

P: I, for some reason, was looking at your stage plot on the Internet, and noticed that you keep it pretty simple. For instance, you only use a four-piece drum set. Is that just easier to travel with or do you like having it —
Michael Wallace [Drummer]: Yeah — I don’t know — it’s nice to not have a lot; just the simplicity of it and working within that is nice. It’s funny that you say that, because [four-piece drum sets] are totally common. But yeah, I only use one cymbal: it doubles for a ride and a crash.
Matthew Flegel [Bassist, vocalist]: We were going to kick him out of the band if he used a crash.

P: You guys are going to be in the van for a couple of more months now —
CR: A month, on this tour, and then a few weeks off. We’re going to try to do some writing; we haven’t really had a chance.

P: You said earlier that you have four new songs. Those came from before this tour, then?
PF: A couple of them, yeah. A couple we arranged while we were on the road.
CR: We had the parts, we just kind of slapped them together. One we’ve been playing since our first tour — we wrote it half-way through our first tour.
PF: So they’re not really new.

P: Well so how do you pass the time on the road? Do you have some favorite road tunes?
PF: It’s pretty awesome to have an iPod with your entire record collection on it at once. Endless options as far as music goes.
CR: It’s pretty hard to get tired of listening to music.
PF: If we had twenty CDs we’d probably be sitting in silence. But we can just cover so much ground — you don’t really get sick of it.
MF: We found a Patsy Kline tape at the gas station
P: New or used?
MW: New, actually, which is nice because it sounds good. It was five bucks.
MF: We got a Billy Joel cassette, Bill Cosby — which, the tape is fucked, so it’s the funniest thing in the world.
MW: Sounds like the antichrist.
MF: Or Electric Lady Land.