What’s better than a daisy? … a BRAND NEW daisy.

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Listen to what’s brand new from Brand New:


Peter Bjorn and John Relive Things with Mick Boogie — And the result is eclectic and engaging.

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Enjoy a nice big bite of PB and J at this address:


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With an undergrad population of 6,000+, it’s tough work keeping track of the goings-on of your fellow Loyolans (go Ramblers!!!!!) I mean, you’ve got the ‘book, but that can only take you so far. Luckily for you, we directly engage your classmates so that you don’t have to. And believe you us, they’ve got a lot to say. Introducing: Student Body Slam! Every week, we’ll interview undergrads whose lives are more interesting than yours. (Unless they’re not. In which case contact us at

Today, we chat it up with Tina Dragisic,and Brandon Wisinski, 21, two science kids who spend the vast majority of their week in the corner of a Life Science Center lab carving up rat brains with what looks like a deli meat slicer. Right.

As you read this, imagine a sort of dull, humming “chick-chick-chick” sound in the background. That’s the sound of the metal slicer slicing off bits of tiny rat brain, which fly up in the air like pink coconut shavings.

BW and TD pose with their cryostat.
Phoenix Diversions: What are you doing right now, Brandon?

BW: I am cross-sectioning rats brains.



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Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records have stated that there is no true definition of a juggalo. In a press release from Insane Clown Posse, they say “there are no requirements to being a Juggalo. We don’t care if you spend a dime on merch, or if you know the words to every song. If this music touches you, and you get some positive experience from it, we would be honored to have you consider yourself a Juggalo.”[5] In a 2005 interview, Joseph Utsler explained, “you could be a Juggalo and not even listen to ICP. A Juggalo is a frame of mind and what not. And I was a Juggalo before we started with ICP. […] You don’t even to have to fuckin’ necessarily listen to [Psychopathic Records] to be a Juggalo. Juggalos are Juggalos.”[6] as said before juggalo can not be defined but it is a family, an unbreakable family that will live on forever and will never die.