this week’s streams

Posted in music, video by eddie on April 24, 2009

Mastodon – “Divinations”

Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”

Art Brut – “Alcoholics Unanimous”


ringwald amadeus phoenix

Posted in music, video by eddie on April 14, 2009

Sorry to get all gushy over this new Phoenix record, but when the weather’s particularly shitty and you’re facing the anguish of uncertain future, there is simply nothing better than 80s Brat Pack dance scenes set to bouncy, sun-soaked pop songs. This will make your day better:

Thanks to Katherine for showing us this four minutes of joy.

this week’s streams

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Skeletons”
It’s Blitz! (Interscope)

MP3–> Kylesa – “Said and Done”
Static Tensions (Prosthetic)

Peter Bjorn and John – “Nothing to Worry About”
Living Thing (Almost Gold)

this week’s streams

Posted in music, video by eddie on March 19, 2009

New Found Glory – “Listen to Your Friends”


birds of a feather

Posted in music, video by eddie on February 23, 2009

The Cardinals blew the Super Bowl, and it’s become increasingly shaky to borrow Joaquin as our newspaper’s spokeperson.  If a change must be made, I’m in full support of sleek French popsters Phoenix taking over the post as our celeb mascots. Their 2006 LP, It’s Never Been Like That, crept up on me and didn’t leave my rotation for months; they’re often aptly likened to a more hi-fi Strokes sound with a subtle hint of synth. And if you’re hyperventilating about the potential language barrier, you’re in luck!–fluent speakers.  Globalization, youz r best fwend.

Today the dudes’ site features a glitzy Flash intro and a free download of their new single, “1901,” from their forthcoming Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. It’s slick, it’s fun, it’s Phoenix.

Phoenix – “1901”

And here’ s some tubeage of my favorite song of theirs, “Long Distance Call”:

your weekly juggalo update

Posted in juggalo beat, video, wtf by eddie on February 16, 2009

You’ll have to forgive me for my fascination with the seedy, painted underbelly of pop culture, the Juggalos; it could have to do with the fact I just finished a 2-liter of Faygo Moon Mist.

The Internet so indiscriminately and generously giveth: There are subcultures that probably would have trouble surviving without the Internet, or at least would have little growth or assembly potential.  Many of these groups are benevolent and righteous or at least innocuous. But Lord Internet knows no concept of “taketh.”

And then there were Juggalos.

Thankfully, the Internet also provides the opportunity for Juggalo conspiracy theorists to polish their craft.  Take this scathing example:

Come to think of it, I can’t really tell if the director is trying to criticize the Juggalos or stake a proud claim.  Whatever the case, the ensuing discourse roundly rejects any such riffraff:



The Force

Posted in video, wtf by Trevor on February 12, 2009

Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story called “Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius,” which you can (and should) read here, in 1940. In it, he discovers a vast conspiracy in which a small group of people create a fictional world — complete with its own history, language and philosophy — and work it slowly into the mainstream via encyclopedias. Eventually, as more and more people discover Tlon and Uqbar, the fictional history begins to meld with the real, and impossible artifacts described in the encyclopedia begin to turn up in real life.

Star Wars, I’ve been noticing lately, has done the same thing. Lucas’ vastly influential space opera (whatever that means, I just like the term) has spawned an absurdly intricate “expanded universe” that abides by a certain contingent and detailed history created by a large number of authors. The Star Wars universe has its own rules of what can happen in it, its own languages, it’s own moral, political, philosophical systems. And, lately, it’s been popping up in real life.

A Wired blog points out that architect Rem Koolhaas has designed a death star for the UAE:

The design has not yet been selected (and how could it be?) but just the idea that some dude (however influential he might be) would think that a country would like to buy a death star for a building is pretty audacious.

Life Without Buildings notices that a certain Tunisian hotel looks an awful lot like a sandcrawler:

Hotel du Lac, Tunisia

Hotel du Lac, Tunisia, and a sandcrawler

Online magazine Triple Canopy has an absolutely fascinating (if kind of brainy and obtuse) study of Star Wars and Modernism, in which they compare a lot of different modern art and design to the space opera aesthetic.

Also, just because it’s awesome, check out Disney’s 1979 Star Wars rip-off (or, um, you know, “space opera”), The Black Hole:

and if you’re not planning on watching the actual movie (why would you?) peep Disney’s pseudo-religious/totally trippy vision of what happens at the event horizon

Fan Videos.

Posted in video, wtf by kalbing on February 9, 2009

Fan videos allow for a visceral, public expression of adoration for people we’ve never met, or, more often, don’t actually exist. (ex: Edward Cullen.)

My favorite fan-videos are those that feature President Barack Obama; in particular, music montages, more particular, psyched-out mind-blowing fan video montages.

I won’t get into the psychological/cultural/societal implications of this music video. I leave that to the experts.

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Posted in music, video, wtf by eddie on February 7, 2009

I feel like Facebook’s ads are the logical step before we get the scary eye-scanning interactive ads that know our names from Minority Report. Terrifyingly knowledgeable of my darkest secrets. Take this one, for example:

Are you white and above the age of 40?

Read: "Are you white and above the age of 45?"

A sampling of questions:

  • Who’s that black fellow from Law & Order?
  • Just what are these “rubber bands” Mr. T.I. speaks of so highly?
  • Why do they have to use so many curse words?

By the way, if you needed any more evidence that globalization is alive and well, I present you this. (Skip to about a minute in.)

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Posted in music, video by eddie on January 29, 2009

Animal Collective – “My Girls”

As an astute commenter notes in Kanye’s blog:


Could anyone say it better? In my heart of hearts I saw Kanye loving this song, maybe taking it to a “Stronger” or “Swagga Like Us” sampling stardom.  He just wants Louis V. walls and Gucci slabs for his girls.

Franz Ferdinand – “Ulysses”

The new Franz is a fun record, but they’re one of those hot-shot debut bands (See: Strokes, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, etc.) with a unique sound that seem destined for diminishing returns with each new release.  Franz has basically opted to stick to the groundwork they laid for themselves in the first record with a few pleasant diversions along the way (“Eleanor, Put Your Boots On” and “Lucid Dreams” come to mind). The Strokes stuck to their panache for their second album and went clusterfuck on the third, while CYHSY opted straight for the clusterfuck in their sophomore LP, which probably suits them.  Still, in this adderall-addled world, it seems that if you’re not constantly reinventing yourself you can count on the common web-surfing urchin passing you by for a video of a dude getting kicked in the nuts.